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The Servant

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Liquefy [May. 27th, 2006|04:04 pm]
The Servant

A friend and I were talking about this last night.. We were talking about how unfortunate it is that a song like "Liquefy" will probably go unheard by most of the U.S., and how sad it was because that is an insanely catchy song. Though the other songs are just as good, if only this ONE SONG would have been exposed here... wow! My friend and I always joke that it's our secret "classic" song, because it's just that damned good, and a shame that hardly anyone knows it around here. I know people here would love it! Grr! ;P

Not to mention that leading to shows being played on the U.S...


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Icons [May. 21st, 2006|03:49 am]
The Servant

I made a few Icons of Dan.


more HERE
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me=whore [Oct. 9th, 2005|08:39 pm]
The Servant

[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |the servant - jack the ripper]

I know this community has like.. 3 people in it...
Does anyone have "In A Century's Time" and would be willing to send to me? I really want that song. :[

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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2005|05:45 am]
The Servant


Do you know who The Servant is?


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